"Dr. Lowe's presentation was well received by all participants.  He gave the audience a reality check as to the realities and myths about getting into an Ivy League school.  I heard rave remarks from all participants about his style, delivery and practical content and would recommend his organization to any parent seeking  up-to-date information on the admissions process."  - Marcia O'Kane, Executive Director of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce

"Our son was accepted to Hackley.  Thank you Dr. Lowe." -  S.D., Greenwich Parent

"We decided to relocate from Manhattan to Greenwich.  Dr. Lowe helped us in the transition for both of our children to Greenwich area schools.  Our daughter was accepted to Greenwich Academy and our son to Brunswick School.  You can't get better than that!  Thanks Doc!" - J.S., Greenwich Parent (formerly of Manhattan)

"Dr. Lowe spent more time discussing and planning college admissions with our daughter (and me) during our first in-home consultation than my daughter did with her guidance counselor for her entire time in high school.  There was an instant connection.  Dr. Lowe has a unique understanding of the importance of a collaborative and optimistic approach in helping students and their parents through the stress and anxiety of college admissions." - Greenwich High School Parent, Old Greenwich

"Thank you Dr. Lowe, we are so happy that our son was accepted to Kent."- V. Zhang

"Dr. Lowe is inspirational; his laugh is contagious and he is  always on point and forward thinking.  He is always pondering "what if scenarios" and reviewing what he calls 'collateral risks and benefits' and always supportive.  He was always accessible, even on  weekends to ensure things were progressing as planned." - A. Kumar

"We hired Dr. Lowe when our daughter was a freshman - we're so glad we did." - Greenwich Academy Parents

"If it were not for Dr. Lowe, our daughter would not have been accepted to all her reach schools.  He endlessly explored solutions and outlined practical steps that were necessary to achieve them, ignoring the automated and robotic recommendations currently revered in this process.  Dr. Lowe delivered." -  Greenwich High School Parent, Old Greenwich

“Dr. Lowe's knowledge of the college application process is worth every cent." - Brunswick School Parent

"Our son was not accepted into his first choice school from GHS.  We read about Dr. Lowe on Party With Moms.  He helped my son every step of the way to transfer to Boston University.  We hired him again for graduate school and our son was admitted to Harvard Business School." - Greenwich High School Parent

"I strongly recommend Greenwich Admissions Advisors.  Dr. Lowe and his team are LIFESAVERS!  They helped us through the entire private school journey with all the applications and essays and prepared us for the interviews.  Our son and daughter were accepted to Exeter. " - Greenwich Parent

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