At GAA, we use our knowledge, insight and experience, expertise and strong professional relationships to assist students and families for admissions to:  Undergraduate: Ivy League and highly selective colleges and Combined BS/MD Programs.  We know that we have better admissions success than local high school guidance counselors!  Don't believe us? Just ask where many top local public high school students will be attending colleges!  The response will not be top-choice colleges. Admissions Blog:"Need a Successful College Admissions Advisor?  Go with a Winner!"

As a Greenwich location affiliate of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group, we provide the following college admissions advisory services that help students get accepted to the best colleges:


The best summer college application prep camp to increase your chances of getting accepted to the Ivies!

  • Convenient in-home consultations for busy families!  Our HOUSE CALL!
  • Your child's high school guidance counselor can't provide house calls!
  • Other educational consultants don't provide house calls!
Dr Paul Lowe College Admissions Advisor Independent Educational Consultant Brown University
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Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions Advisor Independent Educational Consultant Harvard Yale Princeton Brown Cornell

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Dr. Lowe visits Brown, his alma mater, 4 times each year.  He is a former area chair of Brown Alumni Interviewers.  Each year, several of our clients are admitted to Brown.   It's important to hire an admissions expert who continually visits Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities!  Dr. Lowe knows  what you can't possibly know!

College Transfer Admissions Advisors Dr Paul Lowe

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Brown PLME BS MD Programs Dr Paul Lowe Admissions

Year after year, 97% or more of our clients are accepted to their top choice colleges and that includes Ivy League schools!

Greenwich Admissions Advisors Assurance Program Dr Paul Lowe

In this hyper-competitive admissions environment, even having high GPA and SAT scores, perceived connections, amazing essays and letters of recommendations, you still need an Ivy admissions advantage to stand out!


College transfer admissions: For students who wish to transfer to a better college - an Upgrade; or just dislike being at their current college.  Please click image.

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Our senior admissions counselors, Dr. Paul R. Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe are active members of the following organizations that uphold the ethical and professional standards and principles of good admission practices in college and independent school counseling: National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling (NJACAC), New York State Association for College Admissions Counseling (NYSACAC) and International Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC).  

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College Application Decision: Deferred?  Now What?

Ivy League Admissions Advisors Dr Paul Lowe

We offer our  Assurance Admissions Program  to qualified students.

College application rejected:  You have been rejected or deferred from you top-choice colleges - Now What? 

  • With the heavy workload of most high school counselors, few know their students well or have the time to provide the undivided attention needed in college admissions process!
  • The National Association for College Admissions Counseling survey reported that high school guidance counselors have an average caseload of 125 to as high as 500 students, making them unable to provide adequate college guidance.
  • A recent poll reports two-thirds of young adults said their school counselor was of little help finding the right college.
  • The U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics reported that, on average, high school guidance counselors spent only 22 percent of their time on college admissions and selection!
  • We visit colleges and universities annually to understand their missions and admissions policies and what they are looking for in applicants so that we can help our clients.  Guidance counselors don't and are unable to visit colleges. 
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