Our Essay Tune-up services are intended for students who:

  • Know the schools to which they will apply.
  • Have completed a draft of the substantive parts of their personal statement/essay.
  • Wish to receive feedback on how to improve and strengthen their essay(s).

Types of Essays:

  • Personal Statements
  • Supplemental Essays
  • Application short answers
  • Scholarship Essays

For our Essay Tune-Up services, our professional team can:

  • Assist you in organizing and polishing your essays.
  • Review your drafts for spelling, content, style, tone, diction, word usage, and flow.
  • Review your draft for clarity, format, grammar, punctuation, and organization.
  • Skillfully PROOFREAD and EDIT your essay.
  • Find stray typos that an electronic spell check will miss.
  • Provide you with revisions.
  • Proof your final revisions before submission.
  • Coordinate multiple essays to ensure that they are different as well as consistent.

WE ADD SPARK TO YOUR ESSAYS:  We review, proofread, edit and improve upon what you already have and then some!

We work with a team of professional readers, editors, former college admissions officers, marketing/public relations specialists who can help YOU:

  • Write an essay that can CAPTURE your admissions officer's ATTENTION!
  • Construct a well-written, coherent and focused essay.
  • Professionally proofread, edit and fine-tune the details of your essay.
  • Guide you to express yourself, accurately and concisely in your VOICE!
  • Effectively articulate your uniqueness so that your essay can stand out.
  • Communicate and express your strengths and individuality.
  • Highlight your interests, achievements, talents and special abilities.
  • Write an essay that conveys your authenticity, genuineness and true self.
  • Write a compelling, meaningful, convincing and engaging essay.
  • Convince your admissions officer to want to ACCEPT you!

Private/One-on-one Consultation:  We provide private/one-on-one essay tune-up consultation services, rather than your simply submitting your essay to us on-line for editing and or revision. This enables you to tell us exactly what you want us to do and how you wish to express it.  In our experience, we find that private, one-on-one, face-to-face and personalized meetings produce far more effective and meaningful essays than on-line submissions.  The character of your essay is preserved in your unique voice!  And your application will standout!

In the following essay tune-up services, we will identify any red flags or inconsistencies, review the student's application and essays and "brag sheet", and generally help the student to present himself/herself in the best possible light with in the confines of the application.


Essay Analysis & Review:  This service includes a one-hour meeting with student and/or parents for one essay.  At that time, our professional editor/reader will read, proofread, review your essay/personal statement, and provide comments and recommendations. This service is recommended for students who have already completed drafts of their essay and who would like to receive feedback on how to strengthen the final draft of the essay.

Essay Edit/Revision & Final Draft: This service includes two one-hour meetings for one essay.  The essay will be reviewed and edited.  Recommendations will be provided. The professional editor and reader will proofread and edit the essay revisions prior to and during each meeting.  Unlimited revisions provided between first and last meeting!  A final draft will be presented at the second meeting and will be reviewed with the client.  There will be follow-up support in the form of e-mails and telephone communications before your final draft is presented and discussed.  This service is recommended for students who have already completed a first draft and need several revisions. 


  • Don't know where to start? 
  • Don't know where to begin?
  • Don't know how to put all your ideas on paper?
  • Don't know how to transfer your student achievements on paper?
  • Stuck in brainstorming mode?

We can assist you from brainstorming to completion, using your own words, ideas, topics and voice.

This comprehensive service helps you from the earliest, brainstorming stage of essay creation through and to the final version, prior to submission.  It includes:

  • Completion of an essay questionnaire and Unique Activity Sheet.
  • Brainstorming essay topics and ideas.
  • Selecting essay choices that focus on your interests and strengths.
  • "Fine-tuning" your final essay based on edits, recommendations and comments.
  • Includes a minimum of 2 in-office consultations, phone e-mail correspondences.
  • includes e-mail correspondences regarding edited versions.
  • Presentation and review of final version.

In-home Consultations available for Essay Tune-up:  We provide in-home consultations for an additional charge.

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